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The Neon World of Shawna X: A Digital Artist Who Dazzles Your Eyes


Shawna X creates colorful art that dazzles your eyes. She uses digital tools to make art that also explores space and motion, and she deals with topics like culture, creativity, and society. Her art is not boring or dull, but full of bright, neon colors that make you look.

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Shawnax 243752203 623588109051802 4745445256629115166 N
Shawnax 245559125 844378612911550 1661194543906498258 N
Shawnax 254054995 278004180911676 1515632134329955843 N
Shawnax 255054084 444397483966874 5754650024225252728 N
Shawnax 255080756 608778153888745 6326796477010394020 N
Shawnax 255190679 895369977775481 5970100435360978073 N
Shawnax 256386780 603292134434032 9125727202079517709 N
Shawnax 256405065 286773569991327 223862352568219713 N
Shawnax 256480845 1022097561670128 5600414962568947177 N
Shawnax 259882323 1707880699415016 4285061399642064012 N
Shawnax 260168403 632407977934898 6649656899360782775 N
Shawnax 260256979 1272685029876540 7829207426259879817 N
Shawnax 270790917 248103493975933 2107729035415674540 N
Shawnax 271514852 615791852862356 5438988916391237661 N
Shawnax 272207093 303222678492238 1448431691500247921 N
Shawnax 272723703 1129055154533817 4795770201865385041 N
Shawnax 273447143 613680786597635 4945313629699775439 N
Shawnax 292130493 584916079713274 517825077985341506 N
Shawnax 307025774 611292253807989 7491040602043472580 N
Shawnax 309005610 3319604638321963 3978661634688989522 N
Shawnax 320034202 686285199810242 3760134657846235206 N
Shawnax 321073744 1333588254147395 4346326822109602070 N
Shawnax 326992921 1117806365582430 7514063639514141940 N
Shawnax 331954024 930999931432459 9008023700593524535 N
Shawnax 340851421 1402085270542267 3427554398652502177 N
Shawnax 341016327 1581746642236572 493336512811136147 N
Shawnax 342564248 1269630800596722 1837188431273527154 N
Shawnax 343232278 1426103738203594 651920011115785355 N
Shawnax 355404032 799842551534672 4618285635423376906 N
Shawnax 375867217 18383197108002500 4512231913103837937 N
Shawnax 375968997 18383435875002500 1862133332402150661 N
Shawnax 381009567 18386959408002500 1510966648246049759 N

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