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People Ask This Artist To Edit Their Pics And He Absolutely Nails It

We hear so much about Photoshop gone wrong in pics on social media that we don’t really expect much from it anymore. But the graphic designer Karan Acharya is proving that photo editing can be an art form in itself.

This Bangalore-based animator and photo editor has been sharing his colorful illustrations with his Instagram followers. But it was only after he posted a mind-blowing photo edit of a little boy as Krishna that everyone went speechless. He immediately got thousands of requests from people asking to get their everyday snaps photoshopped into breathtaking mythological sets.

And Karan delivered. It seems there’s nothing impossible to the guy, and he’s likely to have his inbox burst if it hasn’t already.

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Karan Acharya is an experienced graphic designer who now works as a creative director at Paridhi Media Works. After having graduated from Rhythm Art School in Kasaragod and 3D Design at the Institute of Thrissur in Kerala, Karan first made headlines some time ago.

He is known for having created an intense-looking vector-style graphic of Lord Hanuman for a local event in 2015, which has since gone viral in India. Karan’s design was seen on car bumpers, phone covers, window displays, and t-shirts all across the country.

The design became such a hit that Karan said it got snatched by a filmmaker who used the image for his film poster without his permission.

The same viral “angry Hanuman poster” was also praised by Prime Minister Modi. “My friends were calling me continuously on Sunday. I thought they were calling normally, but one of my friends texted me that the Prime Minister praised my painting. I didn’t believe at first,” Karan told news agency ANI.

He said it was the biggest achievement in his life so far and made him a rising star in the area. Today, Karan is busy with working on mesmerizing photo edits, illustration, and commercial branding.

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