Breathtaking Outdoor & Lifestyle Photography from All Over the World by André Alexander

André Alexander is a freelance photographer, brand ambassador for Nikon, author and speaker based in Nuremberg, Germany.

Grown up close to the Alps, he discovered his love for nature and landscapes at a very early age, this is also evident in his unique visual imagery. The main fields of his work are travel, outdoor and lifestyle photography.

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At all times willing to go the extra mile, he feels confident in the most diverse terrain and conditions, which is the essential basis of his success.

“I guess you can call me a bit of an endless wanderer, who simply loves to discover and explore new places. Telling stories through the art of photography and highlighting our beautiful planet in the best way possible, is what motivates me every single day. I love to share my experiences and travels on social media to those who are up for a listen and seek for adventures for themselves. My passion has taken me to over 45 countries, still counting. Aiming to inspire, motivate and to demonstrate people that in our present time chances and opportunities are limitless. If you belive in yourself, your dreams will come true,” he says.

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