Photoshop Contest Participants Give A Glimpse Of What If Giants Lived Among Us – Design You Trust

Photoshop Contest Participants Give A Glimpse Of What If Giants Lived Among Us

There was a time when Photoshop contests were frequent among digital artists. Specialized sites brought their members daily fun themes to challenge their creativity and talents. The company Design Crowd has carried the torch since 2014, and continued these contests.

Here is a contest theme called “Exaggeration City” where people had to use Photoshop to create giants living routinely with people. Here are the best works selected out of 17 contests in total.

The level of these works is not professional by any means, but they’re sufficiently entertaining and fun. All of the Photoshop greats had to start somewhere, and contests like this are a great ground for practice.

More: DesignCrowd h/t: boredpanda

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