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Beautiful Photos Of People’s Choice Award For Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2021

Monkey cuddle by Zhang Qiang, China

Here are the 25 stunning photos that are now up for the People’s Choice Award by the Natural History Museum for Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year positions itself as a global platform for amateur and professional photographers and the photos featured in its competition are seen by millions of people worldwide. The 2021 competition saw over 50,000 photos entered from 95 different countries. The 25 images below are currently on display at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London, until the voting ends on February 2, 2022. The winner will then be showcased until the exhibition closes on June 5, 2022.

The top five People’s Choice Award images will also be displayed online, joining the winners of the fifty-seventh Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition chosen by the panel of judges and announced earlier this year.

More: NHM, Instagram h/t: 121clicks

Dancing in the snow by Qiang Guo, China

Life in black and white by Lucas Bustamante, Ecuador

Breath of an Arctic fox by Marco Gaiotti, Italy

Stay close by Maxime Aliaga, France

Bonds of love by Peter Delaney, Ireland / South Africa

Dolphin hug by Jaime Rojo, Spain

Lynx cub licking by Antonio Liebana Navarro, Spain

Shelter from the rain by Ashleigh McCord, USA

The ice bear cometh… by Andy Skillen, UK

Jaguar of ashes by Ernane Junior, Brazil

Living together by Dhritiman Mukherjee, India

Lake of ice by Cristiano Vendramin, Italy

Building an egg case by Javier Aznar González de Rueda by Spain

The eagle and the bear by Jeroen Hoekendijk, The Netherlands

The future in her hands by Joan de la Malla, Spain

Blackbird backyard by Jan Leßmann, Germany

Hitching a ride by Wim van den Heever, South Africa

Hope in a burned plantation by Jo-Anne McArthur, Canada

The jump by Karl Samitsch, Austria

All together by Ly Dang, USA

Peek a boo by Michiel Van Noppen, The Netherlands

Barracudas by Yung Sen Wu, Taiwan

Working together by Minghui Yuan, China

Meercats put on a pose by Thomas Peschak, Germany / South Africa

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