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Meet Vedran Stimac, The Artist Who Opens Portals on Faces


Vedran Stimac is not your ordinary portrait artist. He is a Croatian illustrator and street artist who has a unique and captivating style of creating surreal portraits. His artworks are more than just realistic depictions of famous faces; they are also windows into their souls and works.

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Vedran Stimac uses his skills and imagination to integrate elements of his subjects’ literary or personal works into their faces, creating fantastical portals that reveal their inner worlds. For instance, he has made a portrait of Stanley Kubrick, the legendary filmmaker, where he incorporates scenes and symbols from his masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey into his face. The result is a stunning piece that pays homage to Kubrick’s vision and genius.


Vedran Stimac has also created portraits of other renowned authors and personalities, such as Edgar Allan Poe, Franz Kafka, Salvador Dali, Nikola Tesla, and many more. Each portrait is a unique and creative expression of the subject’s identity and legacy, inviting viewers to explore their minds and works in a new way.


Vedran Stimac’s artworks are not only visually impressive but also intellectually stimulating. They challenge us to look beyond the surface and discover the hidden meanings and connections behind each portal.


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