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Artist Crafts Imaginative Illustrations Transforming Common Items into Novel Creations


With age, many of us start to ignore the simple pleasures in life, but individuals like Diego Cusano (previously featured), the “Fantasy Researcher” from Italy, keep their sense of childlike wonder alive.

Diego specializes in transforming mundane objects into delightful art pieces, envisioning snail shells as helmets and chickens as Maleficent’s horns, showcasing his unique creative vision.

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

[image] 710534
[image] 837254
[image] 934291
[image] 1070737
[image] 1167935
[image] 1458330
[image] 1568291
[image] 1733316
[image] 2001438
[image] 2103030
[image] 2131392
[image] 2323454
[image] 2326242
[image] 2514400
[image] 2628536
[image] 3126691
[image] 3391570
[image] 3591057
[image] 3651537
[image] 4023572
[image] 4046077
[image] 4183118
[image] 4207595
[image] 4338945
[image] 4531810
[image] 5102712
[image] 5504861
[image] 5578380
[image] 5597785
[image] 5656911
[image] 5816025
[image] 6148485
[image] 6555260
[image] 6592150
[image] 6814729
[image] 6967783
[image] 7115386
[image] 7267799
[image] 7305485
[image] 7429003
[image] 7461090
[image] 7542473
[image] 7553719
[image] 7583274
[image] 7718145
[image] 8534584
[image] 8650844
[image] 8921377
[image] 8938037
[image] 9286643
[image] 9408434
[image] 9489595
[image] 9803651

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