This Spectacular Image Of The Moon’s Surface Is The Combination of 100,000 Photos

If, by chance, you happened to miss seeing the glorious first quarter Moon of 2020, astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy’s got you covered.

In one of his most detailed images to date, the Moon enthusiast (previously) has managed to capture Earth’s only natural satellite in absolutely brilliant detail. All it took was a blend of 100,000 photos to cut through the fuzziness of our “turbulent atmosphere” and reveal our neighbour’s true skin.

In the spectacular images shared by McCarthy, every shadow, volcano, crevice, and lava flow stands out. Even the colours are real, uncovered by variations in the Moon’s composition.

“This first quarter Moon also is one of the best for showing crater detail,” explains McCarthy on his Instagram, “as the long shadows [along] the terminator really make the details pop”.

The brightest and largest object in our night sky never looked quite so sharp.

More: Instagram, Store h/t: sciencealert

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