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Assembly: A Sense of Comfort through Proximity

Assembly is a project of Lorea Sinclaire, canadian industrial designer, and the collaboration between a haptic wearable device and a network of proximity. The goal of this research project was to create a user experience that promotes safety and comfort in the urban environment.

The wearable device uses symbolic language to communicate a need or receive a notification. For example different touch gestures imply different meanings. Doing up a button will send out passive signals of your location. stroking the discrete lining of the hem will send out a ‘friend call’. A combination of two hands swiping the outer arms implies you need serious help.

This user interaction utilizes embroidered conductive thread as touch sensors, and an integrated GPS module to send out location.

The user receives feedback whenever someone nearby signals. a gentle vs. a strong pulse of vibration will denote the volume of presence of friends nearby.

This user interaction ultilizes embedded haptic motors to deliver pulse and vibration.

If the user receives a high priority notification, they can view literal information on their mobile. The website component then allows the user to modify their privacy and social settings.

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