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Phantasmal and Ethereal Works by Januz Miralles


Philippines-based artist Januz Miralles blends photo manipulation with traditional painting methods to produce ghostly and ethereal art.

In his works, feminine forms are obscured through fading, hand-drawn illustrations, and layered brush strokes, creating a haunting, molten effect. This technique simultaneously intensifies and erases identity. The textural contrasts and the poetic veiling and distortion of the images imbue them with a dreamlike quality, an enigmatic aura, and a sense of movement that is both indistinct and intense.

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[image] 166294
[image] 394714
[image] 646512
[image] 693570
[image] 1180036
[image] 1218472
[image] 1298529
[image] 1424140
[image] 2075026
[image] 2233151
[image] 2445802
[image] 2601443
[image] 2609620
[image] 2708782
[image] 2887910
[image] 3456548
[image] 3722587
[image] 3827004
[image] 3829852
[image] 4115939
[image] 4137914
[image] 4149327
[image] 4717439
[image] 5062265
[image] 5140408
[image] 5653088
[image] 5675921
[image] 5785612
[image] 5846745
[image] 6044474
[image] 6221855
[image] 6455580
[image] 6563259
[image] 6607787
[image] 6774230
[image] 7054331
[image] 7241098
[image] 7514568
[image] 7528755
[image] 7802582
[image] 8005874
[image] 8132654
[image] 8285475
[image] 8308901
[image] 8458581
[image] 8509582
[image] 8965918
[image] 9103924
[image] 9805500
[image] 9963360

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