15 Wonderfully Satisfying Photographs to Put Your Tired Mind to Rest

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Sometimes, by just sweeping by everything superfluous, we can come to really appreciate the true beauty of the world around us. Simplicity is, perhaps, what is most often lacking in our lives, so overburdened as they are with a constant stream of information. We strive to appreciate minimalism in all its forms. This is why we decided to share with you this selection of images. There’s absolutely nothing superfluous in each one. Exquisite!

Source: Antonio Eisman

Source: Ben Ng

Source: Jason Gerard

Source: Russell Chronister

Source: Wei Li

Source: Pablo Reinsch

Source: Jacek Smoter

Source: Joseph Chege

Source: Michał Z

Source: Marquicio Pagola

Source: Mark Duffy

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Source: Nicola Donati

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