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This Artist Creates a Superb 3D Embroideries


Embroidery artist Katerina Marchenko was born in Moscow and raised in a small yet charming city in the Kharkov region of Ukraine. Her educational journey led her to the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, where she graduated with a specialization in project management.

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Her artistic journey commenced at the age of 15 when she was introduced to painting on ceramics. While her early attempts didn’t find practical use, she found immense joy in experimenting with colors and observing their transformations. This early fascination with colors paved the way for her eventual passion for embroidery.

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In 2016, Katerina enrolled in sewing courses, where she was tasked with creating a blouse. Inspired by the exquisite embroidered dresses of renowned fashion houses like Valentino, Elie Saab, and Dior, she embarked on creating delicate blouses from tulle adorned with intricate embroidery. Subsequently, in 2017, she pursued an embroidery course at the Ecole Lesage School in Paris, where she delved into the art of Luneville embroidery. This marked a significant milestone in her artistic journey, as it provided her with formal training in embroidery for the first time. Prior to this, her approach to embroidery had been largely intuitive, relishing moments of improvisation in her work.

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Katerina’s creations are a fusion of her love for fashion and haute couture, translating vibrant threads into stunning 3D-effect artwork on tulle fabric.

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