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Funny Doodles By Nadia Tolstoy Illustrating Literal Meanings And Puns Found In The English Language


Stockholm-based artist Nadia Tolstoy is the cartoonist currently making waves on social media with her delightfully wacky doodles. Known for sprinkling a generous dash of humor into her surreal sketches, Nadia’s artwork transforms mundane words into visual puns that’ll tickle your funny bone!

Her series, dubbed “Surrealians,” is a wild cocktail of words and whimsy. The outcome? Artwork that’s not just chuckle-worthy but downright brainy. If you’re a fan of puns, Nadia’s quirky creations are sure to redefine your dictionary in the most entertaining way possible!

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[image] 621196
[image] 666611
[image] 756474
[image] 956243
[image] 1381478
[image] 1421604
[image] 1626785
[image] 2243160
[image] 2243307
[image] 2808269
[image] 2897463
[image] 3217832
[image] 3323742
[image] 3383029
[image] 3704014
[image] 4241252
[image] 4727070
[image] 4746362
[image] 4902803
[image] 5001131
[image] 5159690
[image] 5852136
[image] 6062473
[image] 6424908
[image] 6530926
[image] 6752550
[image] 6752926
[image] 7451615
[image] 7451871
[image] 7471766
[image] 7575590
[image] 7731962
[image] 8020701
[image] 8041169
[image] 8117116
[image] 8346983
[image] 8557446
[image] 8767357
[image] 8832115
[image] 9208654
[image] 9231932
[image] 9462839
[image] 9482698
[image] 9736765

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