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This Artist Is Here To “Confuse Your Brain” With Surreal Photo Art

Artist Monica Carvalho is here to “confuse your brain.”

In a series Carvalho uploads to Instagram, the artist bends reality as we know it to create surreal photos viewers will want to stare at all day long. In one image, for example, Carvalho’s work shows a hand grasping at a human eye, ever-so-slightly pulling it from its socket. “Eye got you,” it’s titled.

The edits are all produced using Photoshop, Carvalho explains on Bored Panda. Moreover, they’re all made with her own original photography — no stock images required.

“In my inspiration process, I try to find similarities between photos in terms of color, texture and shape. For example, two mountain peaks I shot in Greece reminded me of an upper lip; a path in Oxford had the same color as my skin; a pouch zip evoked eyelashes,” Carvalho writes. “Other times I also like playing with sizes — my miniature friends ‘buried’ in my hand; the Empire State Building turned into a giant candle.”

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