Retired Ladies Live Their Dreamlife In A Cosy Forest House Designed By A Japanese Architect


Have you wondered how you’ll spend your retired days? I’ll give you an idea. A genius Japanese architect created an unique home for 2 retired ladies with their caretaker and a cook.

Issei Suma is known for his intriguing buildings, but this structure shaped like 5 tents are really eye catching, due to the harmonious flow and the design that perfectly combined minimalism with an ecological style. The building features a spiral-shaped indoor pool and a common kitchen for both ladies. This 100 square m complex is called “Jikka” and is located in the Japanese mountains Shizuoka Prefecture. Though the 3D structure appears like a tent, the plans are perfect squares and they overlap one another. So, how does the house of your dreams look like?

More info: Issei Suma (h/t: boredpanda)


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