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Food Artist Devoney Scarfe Creates Beautiful Pie Artworks


The collection of delicious masterpieces created by Devoney Scarfe, a gifted food artist hailing from Auckland, Australia, comprises pictures of famous people and animals, whimsical scenes, and hilarious statements.

Devoney Scarfe began experimenting with culinary art as a hobby while simultaneously attempting to fulfill her role as a full-time mother. She was originally employed as a creative director at the advertising business that her husband owned. Her early work was not particularly outstanding; however, as she continued to practice, explore, and come up with new techniques and designs, her artistic pies became far more impressive. In 2022, she created a tribute to Queen Elisabeth of Britain, which proved to be one of her most successful moments as a food artist. The creation of this tribute took several days to complete. Because of how nicely it turned out, photographs of the pie that was too cool to eat went popular on the internet, which resulted in Devoney gaining thousands of followers on social media.

“The other day I was like, ‘Oh my God … I know how to do it’ and then I heard that the Queen had died, and I was like, ‘I’m gonna do the Queen!”

More: Instagram h/t: odditycentral

[image] 102791
[image] 554880
[image] 821823
[image] 1070134
[image] 1227306
[image] 1238983
[image] 1300614
[image] 1411886
[image] 1548968
[image] 1882891
[image] 2164294
[image] 2422090
[image] 2465850
[image] 2599358
[image] 2720310
[image] 3063270
[image] 3148189
[image] 3172308
[image] 3422365
[image] 3801456
[image] 4088885
[image] 4546120
[image] 4672082
[image] 5411114
[image] 5422910
[image] 5565523
[image] 5603812
[image] 6039872
[image] 6124595
[image] 6173731
[image] 6766769
[image] 6900982
[image] 7067825
[image] 7206523
[image] 7235057
[image] 7266914
[image] 7450473
[image] 7597831
[image] 7615269
[image] 7644053
[image] 7696337
[image] 7739061
[image] 7749152
[image] 7755646
[image] 8189209
[image] 8238627
[image] 8362209
[image] 8365286
[image] 8415953
[image] 8719126
[image] 8795109
[image] 8972723
[image] 9042471
[image] 9066794
[image] 9477972
[image] 9593979
[image] 9619813
[image] 9674892
[image] 9756990
[image] 9959598

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