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Cuddle Up To Super Realistic Fish Buddies With Japanese Fishy Stuffed Animal Series

Taiyo Sangyo Trading & Marine Service LTD has teamed up with fish expert and television personality Sakana-kun (well known for his blowfish-shaped hat) to release a new series, appropriately titled “fish stuffed animals”. Not just any fish stuffed animals, however, but a super detailed and realistic lineup of unusual fish that’ll let you cuddle with a variety of sea oddities!

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Production of the series involved a lot of research in order to realistically produce details of each animal, including shapes, patterns, and positioning of fins so that they could actually be used in lectures by Sakana-kun. Here’s an introduction to each aquatic member.


Fringed blenny


Boxfish (female)

Boxfish (male)

Slingjaw Wrasse


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