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Artist Takes A Critical Look At Modern Society Through His Thought-Provoking Illustrations

‘Compare to despair’

Sam Bailey is a 21-year-old illustrator from Slough, the United Kingdom who takes a critical look at various subjects that are a part of modern society. He creates thought-provoking illustrations and questions the world that we live in.

In 2011, he started to create illustrations for his family and this is how he entered the art world. He began posting his artwork online and people loved it as his artwork is both intelligent and perfectly well done. He shows the kind of social issues that we are facing in today’s world – from health problems caused by social media to inequality and poverty.

Curious about his artwork? Check his thought-provoking illustrations!

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda



‘Social media insomnia’

‘Social media assassin’


‘Limited stock’



‘I am fine’

‘Consuming time’

‘Prescription prevention’

‘Repressed creativity’

‘Global warming’

‘Unlimited knowledge’

‘Keyboard wars’

‘First world fear’

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