Two Artists Creates A Unique Clock Collection Made Of Old Vinyl Records – Design You Trust

Two Artists Creates A Unique Clock Collection Made Of Old Vinyl Records


According to industrial designer Nikolay Ponomarenko: “While for some people vinyl records are just outdated audio players, for others – the more creative and inspired type – they can get a second life and become stylish and enchanting home decor items.”


“I was consumed by the idea of turning vinyls into wall clocks and overwhelmed by design options. From the time my team first started 4 collections have seen the world so far – Legends, Urban, Funny Zoo and Minimal. The hardest part was finding right characters for reflecting our deepest emotions and feelings, but we did it. And each one of them tells a little story of its own.”


“I hope you will find something special for yourself and will wonder the new life of Vinyl which return us to the childhood.”


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