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Fragmented: Transforming Broken Plates into Art


When Rob Strati’s wife’s mother’s plate broke, he saw an opportunity to not only repair the sentimental object but also to create something new and beautiful. Continue reading »

Artist Smashes Glass Storefront With A Hammer And Creates Amazing Art

Simon Berger is an artist who recently chose a rather non-traditional medium for his art. Instead of using paper and pen, the artist chose something more extreme – a glass storefront and a hammer. And no, the Simon did not break open the glass storefront to steal some art supplies. The glass was his canvas and the hammer was his brush. Continue reading »

“Boulevard Of Broken Dreams”: The Superb Paintings Of David FeBland

David FeBland was born in London, UK and has received degrees from The University of Virginia, USA and The University of Manchester, UK. A self-taught artist, FeBland pursued careers in Landscape Architecture and Communication Design as well as hosting jazz radio programs before turning his attention to painting in the mid-1980’s. Since 1984, he has bicycled through 55 countries around the world, often using his observations as inspiration for his painting. Continue reading »

Bulgarian Street Artist Brings Life To Broken Streets With Funky Googly Eyes

Googly eyes are pretty awesome. There’s something about the crude, cartoonish depiction of an eye that adds life to everything they’re put on. One Bulgarian street artist, Vanyu Krastev, takes a very simple approach to his work: He takes something he comes across—usually something that’s broken down in an urban environment—and humanizes it by sticking a pair of eyes on it. Continue reading »

Benny Harlem & His Daughter Jaxyn’s Long Natural Hair Has Broken The Internet


Benny Harlem and his daughter Jaxyn have ‘broken the internet’ with photos of their long lustrous afro hair. Benny is an artiste from New York City who loves to rock his hair in a high top fade, you can follow him on Instagram. Continue reading »

To The Vanishing Point: The Obscure Broken Worlds Of Artist Sergey Kolesov


Sergey Kolesov aka Peleng is from the city of Ivanovo, Russia. He uses the fantasy style creating his pictures. Basically he draws kind of horror pictures, a bit scary, but cool and rather dramatic… well, some of them are more scary, than cool. Continue reading »

This Floor is Made of Broken Shards of Glass and it’s Amazing


Gisele Taranto Architecture has partnered with LZ Studio to create a laboratory of ideas – LAB LZ by GT. This partnership has resulted in a space that has been designed specifically for Casa Cor Rio. Continue reading »

Broken Liquid: New Bodies of Water Sculpted from Layered Glass by Ben Young


Glass artist Ben Young just shared a glimpse of his latest sculptural works made from layers of cut laminate window panes. The bodies of water depicted in Young’s work are usually cut into cross-sections akin to textbook illustrations, creating translucent geometric islands that can appear both monolithic or chamsic. Continue reading »



“My name is Pieter van den Heuvel and I work as a freelance creative and copywriter. In my spare time I’m also an illustrator.

Ever since I read Tim Burton’s short stories and Shaun Tan’s beautiful work I’ve been writing and illustrating books myself. I haven’t tried to publish one of them yet, but I’m sure that paper version will come, one day.
Broken is a short story about broken beings. Literally and sometimes metaphorically. I always thought that there is something both sad and extremely cute about animals wearing plaster casts and I really wanted to make a story that plays with those two emotions.

I made the book in the same week my wisdom teeth were removed, which might explain its dark ending. On the other hand, I just like to surprise people with a story that literally goes into every direction until it lands right in your face.” – Pieter van den Heuvel. Continue reading »

Tallest Domino Tower World Record Broken by Bristol-based Engineer

Bristol-based graduate Tom Holmes set a new Guinness World Record after creating the structure that reached 5.275m at its peak. It took the record breaker 7.5 hours of gruelling concentration and 2,688 dominos to complete the towering task. The final result dwarfed the previous record holder by almost 20cm and would tower above the average double decker bus by over a metre.

Tom Holmes stands next to the world’s tallest domino tower (Picture: Guinness Book of Records/PA) Continue reading »

Broken Heroes

The knitted sculpture “Hello Kitty” by Patricia Waller, featuring the cartoon character as a harakiri ritual suicide victim, sits in the “Broken Heroes” exhibition at the Deschler Gallery on April 26, 2012 in Berlin, Germany. The exhibition of hand-crocheted comic, puppet and cartoon figures shows icons of pop culture in various unfortunate states. (Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images) Continue reading »

Photo of the Day: The Broken Hull of the Rena

The broken hull of the Rena is tossed by heavy sea swells on Astrolabe reef near Tauranga, New Zealand, where it has been lodged since October. Maritime New Zealand on Thursday charged the owners of the Rena, Daina Shipping with discharging harmful substances from the vessel. The charge carries a maximum fine of $489,000 plus another $8,100 for each day the offense continues. (Maritime New Zealand) Click image to zoom.