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With the Help of AI, This Artist Expands the Artistic Horizons of Anime to Incredible Depths


I don’t like anime, tried to watch different ones but none of them appealed to me. But I really like the work of manga and anime artists with style. What seems simple is actually very complex.

With the help of AI, artist Joey Mayer creates incredibly beautiful psychedelic and horror art in the style of anime. This is definitely worthy of your attention.

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[image] 55424
[image] 254837
[image] 403970
[image] 490537
[image] 574499
[image] 635972
[image] 736807
[image] 955875
[image] 1244509
[image] 1550375
[image] 1679587
[image] 1756075
[image] 2222587
[image] 2476211
[image] 2696898
[image] 2803487
[image] 3201373
[image] 3364651
[image] 3365978
[image] 3848065
[image] 3850272
[image] 3951161
[image] 3970251
[image] 4478436
[image] 4501376
[image] 4576747
[image] 4587412
[image] 4774844
[image] 5006648
[image] 5065821
[image] 5083714
[image] 5335465
[image] 5515486
[image] 5762265
[image] 5926728
[image] 6398333
[image] 6590436
[image] 6665818
[image] 6685615
[image] 6741171
[image] 6807156
[image] 7061235
[image] 7187354
[image] 7497254
[image] 7599308
[image] 8281549
[image] 8622562
[image] 8977102
[image] 9042403
[image] 9192376
[image] 9745710

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