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Playful Illustrations Of An Adorable Dragon Exploring The World


Inspired by the movie “How to Train Your Dragon,” twin brothers Manik and Ratan created Drogo, a friendly dragon who quickly captured the hearts of many back in 2014/2015. Today, we revisit their charming Drogo illustrations for your enjoyment.

Manik and Ratan, renowned as the “Twin Cartoonists of Bangladesh,” began their journey at the young age of 15. With backgrounds in graphic design and animation, they currently work as design consultants at the United Nations.

Despite their demanding careers, the twins continue to delight their audience with fresh Drogo adventures and unexpected storylines.

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[image] 2513
[image] 23017
[image] 273743
[image] 312800
[image] 997226
[image] 1191039
[image] 1225351
[image] 1379388
[image] 1489326
[image] 1859145
[image] 2038772
[image] 2090112
[image] 2200176
[image] 3084916
[image] 3392219
[image] 3402360
[image] 3502733
[image] 3814760
[image] 3870006
[image] 3908622
[image] 3963617
[image] 4432541
[image] 4547897
[image] 5096283
[image] 5869827
[image] 6510339
[image] 7165547
[image] 7390783
[image] 7862625
[image] 8577880
[image] 8781906
[image] 8875950
[image] 8966782
[image] 8976836
[image] 8988458
[image] 9136424
[image] 9355415

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