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Artist Creates Realistic-Looking Animals Made from Felt


Peiyu is a digital illustrator and sculptor with a deep passion for wildlife and the enchanting world of stop-motion animation. As a fiber artist, toy maker, and storyteller, Peiyu creates needle-felted critters, each imbued with its own character and story.

Through delicate and precise needle felting, Peiyu brings to life a diverse cast of wildlife characters. From the quiet woods to bustling meadows, these critters are more than just art; they are storytellers, designed to inspire and spread positivity.

More: Instagram, Etsy h/t: boredpanda

[image] 377897
[image] 1063044
[image] 1356571
[image] 1527701
[image] 1535879
[image] 1564268
[image] 1856601
[image] 2805752
[image] 2908521
[image] 3243249
[image] 3310949
[image] 3411667
[image] 3425385
[image] 3614657
[image] 4313503
[image] 4489827
[image] 4939724
[image] 5124736
[image] 5270838
[image] 5831271
[image] 5858921
[image] 6164432
[image] 6540749
[image] 7637872
[image] 7776844
[image] 8039424
[image] 8113797
[image] 8138983
[image] 8330007
[image] 8628996
[image] 8783979
[image] 8867375
[image] 8924673
[image] 9097637
[image] 9686382
[image] 9988322

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