This Floor is Made of Broken Shards of Glass and it’s Amazing


Gisele Taranto Architecture has partnered with LZ Studio to create a laboratory of ideas – LAB LZ by GT. This partnership has resulted in a space that has been designed specifically for Casa Cor Rio.


Currently on show until October 4th at Villa Aymoré, Casa Cor Rio invites architects and designers to design their spaces, like a fashion show, using a lot of creativity and seeking to present to the public the biggest releases of materials, technologies and design concepts.


This year, LAB LZ by GT, have designed a space with a suspended glass floor, featuring mirror shards located in the empty space between the existing subfloor and finished floor.


The designers used the mirrors to highlight the concept of depth and reflection that they were aiming to achieve with this interior.


Collaborators: Maneco Quinderé (Lighting), Vanda Klabin (curating art) and Landscape (landscaping)

Via Contemporist

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