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Discovering Ethereal Digital 3D Realms with Artist Karan Gujar


Mumbai-based Karan Gujar is not just another digital artist; he’s a storyteller who blends the tangible with the surreal. His ‘Soulful Aura’ series, a collection of 3D digital illustrations, is a testament to this. Using the metaphor of glass representing people, Karan delves deeply into how our surroundings shape our reflections, or ‘auras’, which in turn influence our well-being and happiness.

In his work, Karan invites viewers not only to admire, but also to introspect. Using stunning digital landscapes, he asks us to consider our own reflections and the environments that shape them. With Karan Gujar, you’re always at the intersection of visual delight and profound self-discovery.

More: Instagram, Behance

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