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Not in Your Face

A social typology project by photographer Susan A. Barnett.

In the series “Not In Your Face” the t-shirt is starkly evident but the photographs are not about the t-shirt per se. They are about self-identity and validation. Each one of these people reveal a part of themselves that advertises their hopes, ideals, likes, dislikes, political views, and personal mantras. They wear a kind of badge of honor that says “yes, I belong to this group not the other.”

By photographing from the back these pictures try to challenge the time-honored tradition of a portrait being of the face and tests whether body type, dress and demeanor can tell us just as much as a facial expression might. The back view would seemingly make these people anonymous but we can see their humanity emerge. Here the t-shirt wearer knowing the photographer was only taking the shirt, seems to self-consciously relax and they show their trust and vulnerability.

“Kick It”

“I’m Muslim Don’t Panik”

“Change Has Come”


“Army This Will Defend”

“Bye Hater”


“Live Now”

“World Trade Towers”

“Stop Violence Against Women”


“The Bomb”

“Gaza Strip Tease”

“Yes We Can”


“Stand Your Ground”

“More Than Ink”


“Crown of Thorns”


“First Family”

“Rip The System”

“Hard Times, Hard Luck”


“This is Not a Rehearsal”

“We’ve Got Your Back”

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