Strange Encounters in the Eerie Nighttime Photography of Briscoe Park

Creepy lights and shadowy figures haunt the night with a provocative otherworldly ambiance in these nighttime scenes by photographer Briscoe Park.

Our imaginations compulsively inject our fears into the voids and shadows of the world, an organic algorithm filling in the blank spaces with irrational data from the deepest reaches of our psyche. We’re both haunted and cursed by the inescapable inevitability that we need to, and will, fill the emptiness with something.

Even if it’s terrifying.

The work of Briscoe Park echoes these primordial subroutines from the collective unconscious through subtle, unsettling scenes of the dark, empty world. Sometimes it’s a foreboding figure watching from under the street light. Sometimes it‘s the uncanny luminescence emanating from the windows of a house whose warmth we are outside of – deprived of – reminding us that whether we’re staring out windows or looking in, we always seem to be on the outside.

Here is some recent work from Brisco Park which, intentional or not, strikes some very specific emotional cords during these unpredictable times of pandemic and social distancing which are filling our lives with countless new voids and shadows.

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