Recycling Grandma’s Replacement Parts

An employee of OrthoMetals separates parts for recycling on a conveyer belt in a warehouse in Zwolle, eastern Netherlands, on Nov. 14. Imperishable body parts are recovered from the ashes of cremated people, and precious metals are also recovered by the crematoria and offered to the family or placed in the urn. (Peter Dejong / AP)

An employee of OrthoMetals sifts through coffin ornaments on a conveyer belt, rear, as parts of hip implants are seen in a box in the foreground. (Peter Dejong / AP)

Implants and other materials are collected in a bag for recycling at the OrthoMetals warehouse. (Peter Dejong / AP)

Stripped gold-plated crucifix coffin ornaments are seen on a conveyer belt during the recycling process. (Peter Dejong / AP)

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