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Caine’s Arcade: Wonder World Of Cardboard Games

Caine Monroy loves arcades so much, he built his own out of cardboard. The nine-year-old set up shop at his dad’s auto parts store in East Los Angeles, and wasn’t getting any customers until an independent filmmaker decided to set up a flashmob through the Internet to bring in more customers than even Caine could possibly imagine.

Take a look at the pictures below to see the day where Caine’s Arcade became the best-known cardboard arcade in the world.

Caine Monroy, 9, stands in front of his cardboard arcade inside his father’s auto parts store in East Los Angeles.

Independent filmmaker Nirvan Mullick chats with Caine.

Caine shows off his cardboard basketball game.

Flashmob participants make signs for Caine’s Arcade.

Signs made by flashmob participant point to Caine’s Arcade.

A flashmob stands outside Caine’s Arcade.

A happy customer stands in Cain’s Arcade.

A young boy play’s Caine’s cardboard soccer game.

Caine pulls out tickets for player’s to exchange for prizes.

A young girl plays Caine’s cardboard crane game.

A young girl shows off her Fun Pass, which costs only two dollars for 500 turns.

Caine gets a line of high-fives from the flashmob.

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