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Mother Creates An Amazing Cardboard Kitchen For Her Daughter


Rodessa Villanueva-Reyes went above and beyond to create a play kitchen for her young daughter. It may look like a store-bought kitchen, but it was crafted almost entirely from cardboard boxes! It’s a beautiful DIY project that every kid would love to have, and Rodessa was kind enough to share the instructions with anyone interested in making something like this for their own child.

h/t: boredpanda, forgottothink

The first step was determining a shape and organizing the boxes accordingly.

Then draw the outlines each box where you want to place the doors.

A combination of vinyl stickers and paper cover the cardboard.

Just add your children’s kitchen toys.

Add your child’s name and they’ll have their own little restaurant!

To install a sink, cut a circle in the cardboard and fill it with a pot. The “faucet” is just an old soap dispenser.

Jar caps can be used for the dials on the stove.

How cool is this?

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