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Handbags and Sliced Bread: Hans-Peter Feldmann at the Serpentine gallery

This is the playful German artist’s first major solo show in London. He has shunned the art-world limelight for much of his career, preferring to collect cultural artefacts rather than exhibit them.

Many of Feldmann’s works adorn traditional oil paintings with red noses, or rework 19th-century subjects by subtly giving them cross-eyed squints.

Feldmann’s series of photographs of bread slices reveal his penchant for documenting quotidian objects – other examples include empty baths and his own bookshelves.

For another project, Feldmann wandered the streets of Madrid and asked many of the tourist caricaturists to make a likeness of him. According to Adrian Searle, the results reveal his prominent conk and ‘funny uncle’ look.

Another wall of the Serpentine gallery show is filled with run-of-the-mill seascapes.

Feldmann’s golden shoes are filled from toe to heel with drawing pins. Many of his works repackage and rethink female paraphernalia.

For a series of works based around handbags, Feldmann asked a selection of women to hand over the entire contents of theirs. He offered each participant €500 for the honour of taking part.

The women are identified only by first name, city and age. This handbag belongs to Oriane from Berlin, aged 27.

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