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Jon McNaughton: Artist Depicts Obama with Burning Constitution in Viral Controversial Painting

Jon McNaughton, an artist known for painting provocative images within politics, has released his latest controversial painting of President Barack Obama holding a burning Constitution, in a photo that has gone viral on the Internet.

The newest painting, “One Nation Under Socialism,” shows a smug Obama holding a copy of the Constitution in his hands while it burns. According to McNaughton, Obama’s hands represent “his recognition of what is happening [to the Constitution] as it goes up” [in flames].

According to McNaughton, he chose the title to convey his opinion about the growing trend of socialism in the U.S.

“When the people are willing to sacrifice the next generation for their current lifestyles and allow the federal government to have all the power for an illusory mess of pottage-you have chosen One Nation Under Socialism,” he wrote.

McNaughton said socialism has never worked in the past, also providing a link to an article from The Free Man Online, as to why socialism failed.

“In the history of the world, never has there been a recorded example where Socialism has led to the betterment of the human condition or improved the liberty of the people,” he said.

However, McNaughton said there are other components to this painting though he is not ready to spill all just yet. McNaughton told CBS that this painting “has brought out more feelings among those on both the right and left than my other previous political paintings.”

Jon McNaughton has painted other provocative, and controversial for some, paintings in the past, including one of President Obama stepping on the Constitution.

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