Rihanna Says Goodbye to Golden Tresses, Back to Black Locks and Cropped Side

Rihanna’s constantly changing hair styles and colors are always in the news and she is an innovator when it comes to coloring hair and coming up with new styles. It was not long ago that the Bajan beauty had her hair colored blonde with dark roots, and now, just before the release of her debut movie “Battleship,” she has gone back to black again, with the hair near the temple of her left ear cropped really short.

When one of her Twitter fans pointed out that the fresh look is similar to a shorter one she had before, she said: “I was missing she, but I aint ready to chop ha.” Rihanna is certainly amazing when it comes to her hair and loves mixing up colours and styles. She has already experimented with black, brown, blonde and red and also gone in for straightening curling, chopping and adding considerably longer hair extensions.

It was only in the beginning of March that Rihanna had gone blonde, and in less than a month, she has changed her hair style again.

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