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Bizarre Cameras Used Before GoPros Existed – This Is How People Filmed Their Stuff


What did we do before GoPro? When it comes to capturing speed, back in the day, photogs tied themselves to the back of cars, hung off of trucks and then when that wasn’t enough, they jury-rigged point-of-view (POV) cameras on racer’s their helmets with metal brackets, cordes and special made contraptions.

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Dat camera! Just imagine all the beefy neck muscles they had because this rig.

The fuck it strap me to the car rig, or those moments you want big hood ornament.

Thank God for GoPros people don’t have to race the race cars anymore to get that perfect shot.

Check out this huge onboard camera, we’re sure drives appreciate technology getting smaller.

Anyone up for a piggy back ride?

This is how they filmed parts of mad max… looks like fun.

They were getting closer to the GoPro size and idea here, but still a little bulky and it had cables.

Here’s another bizarre camera rig that even had some strange helmet mounting to stabilize the camera.

Ready to lose the race with this bad boy?

This is probably the biggest rig of them all…

It didn’t do video but it probably snagged some rad photos.

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