A Fascinating Photo Project About The Reflection We Want To See In The Mirror

It’s human nature to desire and, at the same time, be afraid of change. But as technology becomes more advanced, we now have a great opportunity to contemplate changes in our appearance without worrying that the consequences will be permanent. With the help of a retouch artist’s capable hands, you can experiment with your appearance: create an incredible hairstyle or even change your skin tone. Sometimes, this impartial perspective can help you understand that when one of your personal traits disappears, you can lose your individuality. Maybe you’ll even become a different person.


Polly: ‘I’ve always wanted to have narrower cheekbones, full lips, and a darker skin tone. And thick hair. I think I would be a real beauty!’

Bright Side offered a group of brave people the chance to take part in a photo project that highlights these issues. They explained their ideas for their ideal appearance to a retouch artist and asked them to make them happen. We suggest you take a look at the result and try to find ten differences.

h/t: brightside


Alex: ‘I’d like to have clearer skin, and to get rid of the bags under my eyes.’


Camilla: ‘I’d like to have thicker hair to hide my high forehead, bright emerald eyes to contrast with my red hair, more expressive cheekbones, and less round cheeks.’


Annie: ‘I want green eyes, thick hair, full lips, a thinner nose, and pure skin. It would be great to hide the wrinkles on my neck and make my smile lines smaller.’


Regina: ‘I’d like to see how my appearance would change if I had fuller lips and a more oval face. And every girl dreams of thick hair, of course!’


Alice: ‘I just wonder how my face would look if I had a different face shape and hair color.’


Kyle: ‘I don’t like my sticky-out ears, I’d like to change them. Also, my left eye seems to be bigger than my right one. I know that no one in the world has a perfectly symmetrical face, but I’d like the difference to be smaller.’


Helen: ‘I’ve always dreamed of being more like my dad — of having a more oval face, light hair and blue eyes.’


Carol: ‘I’ve always wanted to have light eyes, like, you know, grey or green. And I also asked the retouch artist to change the shape of my face a bit. I’d like to see how it looks in the photo.’


Oscar: ‘Ever since childhood I’ve been reading books about Vikings and their crazy journeys. I was naïve enough to think that it’s about the beard, and dreamed of one day having the same.’


Fanis: ‘I’d like to see how my appearance would change if my ears didn’t stand out so much, and my eyes were green instead of grey.’


Dina: ‘When I was asked what I’d like to change in my appearance, I answered: ’’Nothing, I love myself the way I am!’’ But then I just wondered what it would feel like to have different eye color. My eyes are almost black, and I’ve always wanted to have blue or green…And what if my hair were lighter, and my face was thinner? And that’s when my feminine imagination about my appearance ran wild.’

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