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Uncovering the Tech Hype Graveyard: Examining the Causes of Failed Next-Big-Things


Technology, as we know it, is changing at a rapid pace. We upgrade our phones and laptops so often that it’s increasingly difficult to keep up. The most recent innovation is Chat GPT, which has wowed people with its natural speech and vast knowledge. But are these advances truly revolutionary and will they stick around?

The Instagram account MBA-ish took a satirical look at how some hyped up technologies ended up in the “next big thing” graveyard. They’re warning people to be cautious of anything that sounds too good to be true. It’s a reminder that not every advancement will stand the test of time.

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According to an author: “I have a simple rule. If it’s a tech influencer, a course hustler, a mediocre executive or a hot person hyping something up, I am not buying it. It’s either a scam or so incestuous in it’s commission and behind the scenes equity structure that it benefits them and rarely lives up to its promise for me. Paris hyped NFT, Andreesen went insane with Clubhouse and course hustlers sold you on shit-coins. And most of this was in 2022 – exhausting year. ChatGPT may head in that direction too now that more and more level-headed people are coming out and sharing all its mediocrity and insane mistakes. AI will be transformative but not when tech bros decide to shove it in our mouth, but when more and more people see it actually making a meaningful change in their lives, consistently.”



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