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Dr. Lakra’s Mutant Laboratory

Dr. Lakra’s Mutant Laboratory is a collaboration between Dr. Lakra and General Monsters.

With Dr. Lakra’s Mutant Laboratory you can create more than 190.000 unique and surprising mutant combinations using the included 84 cardboard triangles with 21 amazing hand drawn characters by Mexican artist Dr. Lakra.

The 21 characters comes in an exclusive box with mat finish and neon print. The item also includes a mini booklet with the 21 original drawings and 50 mutants. The 21 characters are printed in high-quality on heavy duty cardboard leaving the drawings done in liquid ink their original feel and detailed beauty.

Dr. Lakra is a renowned Mexican tattooist and artist exhibiting throughout the world. His art has been shown at museums such as the Tate Modern (London) and the ICA (Boston). His work is also represented in the collections at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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