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From Paris with Love: A Beautiful World of Maisonnée

Maisonnée creates a poetic universe filled with charming clever objects. The individual is drifted to a fairy tale like story that enchantes daily life with a delightful complicity. Located in Paris, Maisonnée is a design studio that creates home decor objects exclusively made in France. Certain objects are made by hand, making each piece a truly unique one.

Simple but oh so cute, your vest collar won’t be able to resist! This bunny brooch will uplift whatever dreary mood you’re in. Synthetic mirror attached to a pin.

Auguste reflects daily your happiness. Borrow his lovely pair of ears, then offer him your smile. Each edition is handmade and numbered with synthetic porcelain, mirror, fastenings.

Tie your hair up with a pair of friendly ears. Handmade piece with lacquer, hair band.

The earth’s crust turned into a candleholder, the dangerous yet healing magical fire put to human size. The candle’s drips will amplify the whole poetic essence of L’ignée, all that is left to do is light the wicks. Bisque porcelain from Limoges.

Dress up your walls with light and glint. Eon is a decor for your walls, sold by bundle of 15/30 modules all ready to use. Also exist by bundle 3/7 modules, with your choice of color and composition. Module made out of synthetic mirror, hand painted wood module, fastenings.

A night light diffusing a soft light in the dark. With magic, the phosphorus redistributes the surrounded accumulated light. Ideal for making your place feel more like home, or for a kid’s room. Vintage glass or crystal container, with marbles made out of glass and phosphorus, hand processed cabochon in a high density plaster.

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