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SushiTa Restaurant Interior

SushiTa entrusts Solodesign to design its new restaurant in Ancona (Italy). Oriental tradition clearly inspires the environment but it is revisited in a western way using natural and eco-friendly materials.

The kaiten is a moving ribbon bringing dishes made by the Japanese chef and is the focus point of the room. It is enlighted by an installation made by a rain of wooden pendants from the ceiling thus highlighting its sinuous path and both projecting evocative lights and shadow plays in the meantime.

All around, on purpose designed furniture elements interact with each other, as for instance the ceiling lamps which echo the effects of kaiten’ s light installation by their wooden sticks lampshades.

Room’ s bottom wall portrays a koi carp, raising sun iconography’ s traditional symbol, but it’ s molded with a tipiccally European pattern, as to synthesize the project’ s essence: the meeting of two cultures – East and West.
Lighting has been designed in collaboration with light designer Stefano Dall’ Osso using last generation energy saving technologies with a domotic control system so to create different backgrounds.

Lighting design offers this way an intimate but functional atmosphere so to focus attention on Japanese exclusive delicacies.

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