iblazr – the First Universal LED Flash for Smartphones and Tablets

Want to improve the quality of your pictures and videos? Tried to take a picture on iPad or other tablet in the evening and received a black square as a result? Want to shoot like a PRO on your smartphone? Or maybe your friend couldn’t see you on Skype when you are in poorly lit room? If you answer “yes!” to at least one question then iblazr is for you!

Designed for your smartphone! Less than 10 mm in thickness will make it look good on any smartphone or tablet. But the 3,5 mm phone connector make it truly universal. Nowadays, every smartphone has an audio jack connector but none has a really powerful flash. iblazr has its own battery so you may be sure that it will not consume your precious smartphone energy. And yes, you could use it with front camera of your beloved device!

It is Powerful! Seriously. iblazr has the most efficient LEDs in their size. It provides over 100 lux on 1m in video mode (x7 than iPhone) and more than 180 lux in flash mode (x4 than iPhone). The state of the art optics has just 1mm in thickness but provides a 60 degrees beam.

And really smart! With your very own iblazr you will get a free camera app for iOS and Android devices. The camera app will adapt the raw power of iblazr to the external environment so you will get the perfectly lighted face every portrait you made! In video mode you will be able to change the level of light just during the shooting.

Soon on Kickstarter!

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