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Free Dive Hunters

Eyeconic Images is the partnership of DJ Struntz and Logan Mock-Bunting, two internationally renowned photographers with a passion for story-telling, image-making and the ocean.

Spearfishing is a type of hunting done with underwater guns, harpoons and strong line. Freediving is a type of breath-hold diving in which divers descend for the duration of one breath, without any SCUBA tanks or any breathing apparatus. The best freedivers can hold their breath for over five minutes and go deeper than 100 feet. The combination of both these skills makes a high adrenaline sport done by only a few brave souls…

Ren Chapman prepares for a dive with a loaded and ready speargun while another diver rests, holding onto a dive-line to stay in position against the current. “Blood in the water – Predive”

Ashley Futral, a member of the USA Freedive Team, swims next to a shark off the coast of North Carolina.

A man floats on an oil drum in the waves and rough seas of the ocean.

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