Still Life Photographer Creates Epic “Outdoor” Scenes Almost Without Spending Any Money

According to photographer Vatsal Kataria: “I am commercial still life photographer but I love creative or conceptual photoshoots. I love to do miniature photography and what I love about my art is that I can turn my fantasies into reality. Being a miniature photographer, I always think of something new and something everyone can do.”

More info: Vatsal Kataria, Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

“I do not use any expensive ready to use props and dioramas. I make all the stuff I use in a set of the very minimum resources. I usually use plaster of parts to create mountains or rocks and some old paper to give basic shape of hills. I mainly used polystyrene sheets and mixture of plaster and black paint to make roads. Other things I use are some polystyrene sheets, homemade foliage, baking powder for snow and some paints. I used very basic supplies so that if someone wants to try they can. I also used photoshop to bring out the beauty. So it’s very simple and very exciting,” Vatsal told Bored Panda.

“Everything usually takes me 3 – 15 days from planning to execute the ideas. It’s just a myth that you cannot do great photography without great and expensive props and utilities. It’s endless what you can do with it and do it the way you want to.”

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