PetCam: The World Through The Lens Of Our Four-Legged Friends


Photographer and animal lover Chris Keeney shows how to use a PetCam with your own pet and offers expert technical know-how and inspiring creative suggestions to get you started. This is Coulee, a border collie/golden retriver mix from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. (Photo by Chris Keeney/Princeton Architectural Press)


The book boasts more than 100 PetCam photos. This photo was taken by Coulee. (Photo by Chris Keeney/Princeton Architectural Press)


PetCam showcases photos taken from animals across the globe. This is Fiona, a red angus cow from San Diego. (Photo by Chris Keeney/Princeton Architectural Press)


PetCam includes hilarious “artist statements” written in the voice of these animal image-makers. Here is a photo Fiona took of another cow, Adrianna. (Photo by Chris Keeney/Princeton Architectural Press)


This is Fritz, a tabby cat from Hartenstein, Germany. (Photo by Chris Keeney/Princeton Architectural Press)


Fritz’s “caption” for this photo is: “An inter-species peace offering. My heart says accept in good faith, my feline instincts say I should swat it out of her hand with my razor-sharp claws. Such is life”. (Photo by Chris Keeney/Princeton Architectural Press)


Hamlet and Walter are miniature potbellied pigs from San Diego. (Photo by Chris Keeney/Princeton Architectural Press)


The caption for this photo, taken by one of the pigs, is: “#EmoBandAlbumCoverArt”. (Photo by Chris Keeney/Princeton Architectural Press)

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