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Cat Dressed In Tiny Sailors Outfit Becomes Captain Of Russian Cruise Ship


As we all know, cats aren’t that fond of the water, but sailing the high seas is another thing all together and for the past 8 years that’s exactly what Sailor the Persian cat has done. Since 2008 the grumpy feline has been living or ‘working’ onboard a Russian cruise ship for tourists that goes between Moscow and St. Petersburg with captain Vladimir Kotin at his side and even has his very own miniature sailors outfit.

h/t: blazepress, rt


Typically found keeping a close watch on the captain’s bridge from midnight to 4AM (and by close watch we mean sleeping), Sailor is quite easily the cutest captain you’ll ever see, born to sail the open seas!


When visiting the ship, RT jornalists met another cat on board. The captain said he got the second male cat to keep Sailor company. The two get along, although the younger one tends to be a bit more lazy.


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