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Random Facts About The World That Might Change Your Perspective On Certain Things

It’s never too late to learn something. And Factourism is probably the best place online to do so.

Created by Ferdio, an infographic agency in Copenhagen, Denmark, it shares cool facts about our world — whether it’s the inventor of the office wheelchair or the most frequently used password, everyone and everything has its place on Factourism.

And that’s the beauty of it. You never know what these guys will drop next!

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The team at Ferdio aren’t quite sure if there’s an actual pattern to which facts their followers like the most. “In general, it seems that facts which are surprising and relatable get the most attention,” a company spokesperson told Bored Panda.

“We always try to do proper research and properly check the fact before we illustrate it. If it’s questionable, we skip it … We always try to rely on academic and scientific literature with reliable sources.”

When the company started Factourism, each of their fact posts included only a simple title, an illustration, and a link to the source. Eventually, however, they realized that many readers don’t click the link, so they started to include a small description next to their facts as well.

Even though Factourism has been running for quite some time now, Ferdio say they aren’t running out of ideas. “We have an ongoing list of hundreds of facts that are waiting to be checked and illustrated. However, we tend to spend more time on researching sources to make sure that each fact is well-documented.”

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