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Agoraphobic Artist Travels The World Without Leaving Her House

Jacqui Kenny has always wanted to travel the world, meet new people and discover different cultures, but she suffers from agoraphobia – an anxiety disorder characterized by fear of public spaces, public transportation, open spaces and/or large crowds – so she rarely gets to leave her house. Luckily, modern technology allows her to live out her dream, sort of.

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Jacqui was diagnosed with agoraphobia 8 years ago, but she has been dealing with extreme anxiety and panic attacks for over 20 years now. Last year was a particularly trying time, as a company that she had co-founded for many years had just closed, and dealing with the stress of it, on top of her mental issues, was tough. She didn’t know what she was going to do with her life, and leaving the house to face the world was not an option. She needed something to keep her busy, and somehow, she discovered Google Street View.

“I can’t quite remember why I started looking through Google Street View but I happened to stumble across a few things I liked and decided to delve a little deeper,” the 43-year-old artist told “I really loved the possibilities that comes with selecting and curating from billions of images that have been captured and frozen in time. he Google camera gives the images a really interesting point of view.”

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