“Haru and Mina” By Hideaki Hamada

“My children are not only my little darlings but off-shoots of myself. When I look at them, I have a strange feeling – as if I am watching myself re-living my life. What I want to show is their “living form”.

Children always act more than I expect. The inspiration for my photography comes from this sort of behavior. Though I direct some of my photographs, in most cases I take pictures of my children just as they are. When I take photos of my children, the important thing is to maintain an objective perspective. Not too close, but also not too far away, as if I am watching them from behind. Something close to mere observation, I think. Obeying this rule gives the photos a universal quality. I believe that this universality is necessary to communicate their living forms to someone else”. – Hideaki Hamada

“Early morning light #3”. (Photo and caption by Hideaki Hamada)

“Let it snow #4”. (Photo and caption by Hideaki Hamada)

“The go-betweens”. (Photo and caption by Hideaki Hamada)

“The great escape #2”. (Photo and caption by Hideaki Hamada)

“Rainy days and mondays #1”. (Photo and caption by Hideaki Hamada)

“From train’s windows in the world”. (Photo and caption by Hideaki Hamada)

“Livin’ on the edge”. (Photo and caption by Hideaki Hamada)

“Traveling mood #2”. (Photo and caption by Hideaki Hamada)

“Let it come down”. (Photo and caption by Hideaki Hamada)

“Jump street”. (Photo and caption by Hideaki Hamada)

“Little monsters”. (Photo and caption by Hideaki Hamada)

“Solid bond in your heart #5”. (Photo and caption by Hideaki Hamada)

“Dance to the music”. (Photo and caption by Hideaki Hamada)

Untitled. (Photo by Hideaki Hamada)

“The ghostbusters”. (Photo and caption by Hideaki Hamada)

Untitled. (Photo by Hideaki Hamada)

“A lover’s concerto”. (Photo and caption by Hideaki Hamada)

“Autumn leaves”. (Photo and caption by Hideaki Hamada)

Untitled. (Photo by Hideaki Hamada)

“Innocent world”. (Photo and caption by Hideaki Hamada)

Untitled. (Photo by Hideaki Hamada)

“Hideaki Hamada born in 1977, Aawaji Island, Hyogo, Japan. Lives in Osaka. After having some solo exhibitions in asia and Europe, he published first photo book “Haru and Mina” in Taiwan, 2012”. – Hideaki Hamada

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