Amazing Surreal Photo Manipulations And Portraits By Dmitriy Rogozhkin

Today I want to show amazing surreal photos of taleneted Russian photographer Dmitriy Rogozhkin.

“I was born and raised in the small town of Malmyzh. Although artistic education I have not, I’ve always liked to draw. In the future, it helped me to enroll in the University of Architecture. In 2011, I bought a Canon PowerShot 20x. I remember when it cost $250. For me it was a lot of money. After this year, I photographed on this camera, then scored on a year to shoot, and earned during the year on the Canon 7D, when he was in the first year of university. Somewhere in a year photography became for me a more convenient way of self-expression than drawing or painting. Artist – a state of mind, so it does not matter, what are you doing camera or brush,” he says.

More info: Dmitriy Rogozhkin, Instagram, Facebook, Behance

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