Crazy Cat Lovers by Andréanne Lupien

According to Mashable, the brain behind the Crazy Cat Lovers series is Andréanne Lupien, a photographer based in Montreal. For some pictures, she multiplied the same cat engaging in different activities – lounging on the table, checking out the sink, stealing breakfast, jumping on the wall, – while some of her subjects really did have multiple cats.

Lupien introduced herself by saying: “I believe in fairy tales, happy endings, magic and cats.”

Lupien said she was inspired by an old self portrait she took of herself and her cat.

“Cat videos, pictures of cats, t-shirts with cats on them, coffee shops for cats. This was my opportunity to fully talk about it.”

ll images from Crazy Cat Lovers by Andréanne Lupien.

via Tiny Krew (h/t: Buzzfeed)

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