This Artist Makes Funny And Creepy Cat Hybrids Bred In Photoshop. Have Things Gone Too Far?

Audrey is the coolest ‘cat lady’ out there. During the day she is an artist & Industrial designer, but as she explains on her website, by night she is a SnapCat artist and storyteller – of cats. One of her ongoing projects is photoshopping her felines into other images and we can’t get enough.

“I am kinda always making something,” the artist told Bored Panda. In 2012 she discovered the subreddit /r/photoshopbattles and has been an active user ever since. Her artistic muses go by the names Oskar, Maya, and Louie. According to Audrey Oskar is a white and fluffy, 4-year-old Norwegian Forest Cat who likes to chew on things that he shouldn’t; Maya is a gray tabby who uses her cute looks to get food; and lastly, Louie, the newest addition to the family.

For the past 5 years, one of her passion projects has been to create ‘cat art’ on snapchat, wherein which she draws her cats in silly situations using the snapchat app and drawing tool. “So it seemed only natural that I would combine the two – cats and photoshop,” she said, “Most of the time I start with what animal/situation I want to use than I search my vast library of cat images. Some of the shops, the panda, for instance, is actually a combination of 5 cat photos. I needed one of Oskar biting something and one of him with his eyes in focus, and a few more to fill in his fur.”

More: Instagram, SnapCat, Go-Fund-Me h/t: boredpanda, reddit

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